Welcome To Octillion Corp

If you want to improve your rankings, then you should look for an SEO company that gives proven results. We are an SEO company that provides results. We care about our customers. Since our inception in 1999, we have helped thousands of companies with SEO services. We are really keen in the industry, having worked with a large number of companies providing amazing results for them. You don't have to go far to find the best company for your business because you are already here! If you are looking for a SEO company that is results driven then you have come to the right place, we work closely with our partners to provide the most valuable experience for our clients. We know our strengths and weaknesses and we rely on our partners to provide services for our weaknesses, it's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Our process

We have a transparent process; so, customers know what we are doing and why. Although our process is different for each client, depending on what sort of results they are looking for we generally follow a mould. The following is part of our SEO process:

Competitive analysis

When you are competing for search engine rankings, you are competing against many other businesses. Maybe your competitors have already thrown tons of money and energy into securing a particular keyword. In such case, you will need to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and identify strategies that they are using.

Website analysis

We analyze your website’s performance. We select best practices that match your situation. We ensure that your online foundation is strong and that your website is working for you. We work with some of the best designers to provide a full solution for your SEO needs.

Search engine penalty analysis

Many websites get penalized for ‘black hat’ SEO practices. We analyze your log files and see if you had a sudden drop in ranking. We help you to fix this matter and help you rank your site higher again.

SEO reports

We provide you comprehensive reports, so you know that we have delivered what we had promised. You will see how your ROI improves with each new strategy.

Our team is very professional. Our experts will first understand your situation and then develop a strategy to rank your site high in the search engine results pages.